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Depression Counselling

I believe that hopelessness and despair are not the inevitable and final consequences of depression. I also passionately believe that love, compassion, and connection to a caring other can help heal the wounds inflicted by depression.

Many years ago, I fell into a serious depression and did not work for many months. Because I was ashamed of my being depressed, I hid out. In fact, I found the shame more unbearable than the actual depression. At that time in my life, I felt that I could do little to fight the depression.

I took anti-depressant medications but they did nothing for me. What helped me emerge from my “dark night of the soul” was the love and care of a kind and engaging psychotherapist. I learned many things from this experience; things that I hope to pass on to my clients.

I am offering a 10 week group devoted to those who are experiencing depression. The group starts in September 2013. For further details, please see "Putting the Cart Before the Horse".

Depression Counselling