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Stress and Life Issues

Since beginning my practice, I have had many clients seek me out for treatment due to stress and because they wanted to manage it better. Sometimes the stress was related to their work or career; at other times people have come to see me for stress that had to do with a relationship, family matters, or finances.

Still other clients have come to me with no immediately apparent specific issue (such as anger management or depression). Nonetheless, they felt that something was not right, something was lacking in their lives. They were unhappy for seemingly inexplicable reasons.

Many clients were interested in learning about themselves and sought me out as someone who could reflect back to them those parts of their selves that they had not yet fully explored.

I welcome all these clients with the understanding that some problems are not easily described and may defy categorization. It is my belief that the work of personal growth and self-exploration can be very rewarding and reap unexpected benefits.

Stress and Life Issues